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Easy Facial Scrubs for Itchy, Sensitive Skin

Facial scrubs are a must have skincare item. They can help to brighten the skin and remove rough patches and dead skin cells. Every week I like to apply a gentle scrub to the face, after gently steaming, just to really make sure I remove any gunk that is deep down in the pores.


There's a few things you want to know before making and using scrubs

First, consider what level of exfoliation you want. For rough areas like feet or for more abrasion I love using sea salt. The granules are larger and it really seems to hold up longer than sugar scrubs. For a more gentle but effective body scrub, cane sugar works really well too. They are both white and serve as a canvas for some really striking color combinations. Then there is brown sugar, the only option for the face or sensitive skin in my opinion. I use light brown sugar, I like the fluffiness of it. Touch bare cane sugar and light brown sugar and you'll see why I prefer it!

You can also use grains and nuts for exfoliation, you just want to make sure you have it ground finely into a powder or else it could be too abrasive and messy.

Secondly, you don't want to exfoliate everyday, once or twice a week is more than enough. You want to remove dead skin cells, you don't want to strip off more than you need to and you don't want to remove the skin's natural oils by exfoliating too often.

Lastly, you don't want to exfoliate the skin where there is acne or broken skin. The exfoliation can make the breakouts worse by making them more inflamed or by spreading the bacteria and I don't think I have to tell you what might happen if you put salt in a wound.


Now let's talk about how you make the scrubs. So, I've always made my scrubs using the food processor. It helps me to really get everything mixed thoroughly but these recipes can be made easily by hand. You can mix as each ingredient is added but truthfully, this is an extremely easy process that doesn't require much elbow grease!

Now to the only other ingredient you need, a liquid, most commonly oil. Any combination of carrier oil will work but some are better than others. I like to use coconut oil because the refined oil is clear and neutral in smell. Grapeseed oil is very light, ideal for oiler skin types and it imparts a greener color which can be ideal. Jojoba is another oil ideal for oily skin as it can help your skin balance it's natural oil production. Choose wisely.

How much do you use? I prefer to use a 25% ratio or 1:4 oil to exfoliant.


Let's get into the recipes

I've used homemade colloidal oats here to give soothing relief for itchy irritated skin conditions. These would work for the face or body.

Vanilla Oat Scrub

1/4 cup Ground Oats

1/8 Cup Brown Sugar

1/8 Cup oil

2 drops Frankincense essential oil

Vanilla extract or essential oil

Oatmeal MiIlk Scrub

1/8 Ground Oats

1/8 Milk Powder

1/8 Cup Brown Sugar

1 Tbsp Honey


Want more recipes? Check out our Essential Oil Course!

We'll be making scrubs with fresh fruits and flowers in our From Scratch Motherhood Course, check it out here

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