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Afro Beauty

FAQs: Please read the following to ensure that your question is not already listed!

Please read all of our product descriptions thoroughly, most questions can be answered here and we recommend using this information when determining which products are best for you. Using products other than directed is at the risk of the individual and is not recommended. 

  • Shipping Speed
    Handling Time: 3-5 Business Days (Delays will be posted on the Home Page) Shipping Speed (United States): 2-5 Business Days (Depends on the Service Selected) ​ Currently the main carrier we use is USPS. We ship USPS First class, USPS 2-4 Day Priority Mail and UPS Ground. We do not ship faster upon request.
  • Returns
    All natural ingredients sometimes means a shorter life, for this reason we have a shorter return window and some products are final sale. Returns are only valid for orders placed on Returns will only be accepted on select regularly priced items with a shelf life of 1 year: All of our oils and creams are eligible for returns however items purchased in a kit are non-returnable/refundable. Returns will not be accepted on custom orders. All items must be returned be in their original condition (sealed and wrapped in the bubble wrap it was shipped in). If you are returning multiple items, each one must be submitted separately by form. Any returned item that is open, damaged or that does not qualify for our return policy will not be accepted and may be disposed of; If approved for reshipment, postage and additional fees must be repaid by the buyer within 14 days of notification. Buyers are responsible for all fees associated with returning items. Per policy, Store credit will be issued within 1 week of receiving and authorizing the returned items. All items must be returned with a valid tracking number. Items must be post marked and returned within 14 days of delivery. Postage and payment processing fees will not be credited or refunded. If free shipping was granted due to an order being of a price of $50+ or because of a store promotion and your order no longer qualifies due to the return, postage fees will be deducted from your remaining credit. Please view our policy page for assistance!
  • 5 Star Membership
    What is a membership and what does it include? Our membership includes all of the perks listed below for a one time fee of $5.99 for a year: ​ * 10 % off all purchases made on our website (This can be combined with ongoing promotions and subscriptions.) * Free samples with every purchase, with a chance to receive pre-released products! ​ This Membership is valid for 1 year from the purchase date. If multiple are purchased, the duration will be extended (by 1 year each) as the discount does not overlap. After you purchase this item, a unique code will sent to the email address on file within 24 hours. A physical copy will be sent via USPS mail (domestic holders only), please allow up to 5 business days for its arrival. You will then enter this code every time you make a purchase. You are responsible for activating this code with each purchase! As the sole owner of this membership, if you share this code with anyone else, you automatically forfeit your membership! The only restriction with this membership is that it cannot be used on wholesale prices or special bulk rates.
  • Custom Orders
    All of our products are formulated to be effective at meeting the specific needs of our customers however, some customers may want an item custom tailored to their preference. Here are our guidelines for creating custom orders: *All custom orders must be pre-approved, please schedule a product consultation where we can talk via phone or live chat on our website. *Custom orders are only available in sizes that retail at $12 and up *Custom orders may be subject to surcharges *Custom orders can only be made using the ingredients we carry, this can be determined by using our ingredient glossary or by selecting an ingredient that is offered in another one of our products.
  • Can I make changes to an existing order?
    Sure, we will try to accommodate changes made no later than eight hours after an order is placed, but before the item is prepared or shipped. The type of changes that can be made are a change to an item's scent, or a change that requests an ingredient be left out. Please be advised, revisions made after an order has been placed are not guaranteed.
  • Coupons
    We welcome the use of all coupons and promotions made available by P.U.R.E. If you wish to use a promotion, all steps must be completed in one transaction. If you do not follow the full directions of the coupon/promotion, it may be disqualified. This includes the failure to activate the necessary code before checking out. We do not issue coupons upon request.
  • What if I put in the wrong address?
    Please check to ensure the address on the invoice is correct! If we are not notified to revise an order before shipment, we will find a resolution at our own discretion, which will not include a refund. Buyers are responsible for keeping up with the shipping updates as all orders come with a tracking number.
  • What if the item is damaged in transit?
    Please send us a message if any issues occur with your shipment! We will replace any item(s) that arrived damaged or leaking, that were reported within 48 hours from the delivery date. We will need pictures of how the package arrived (with original packaging) for documentation purposes.
  • Why is my package marked as undeliverable?
    This happens when the carrier cannot locate the address due to missing, incorrect or incomplete address information being provided. First, please check your shipping address to confirm that it is correct. Our shipping labels are automatically computer generated based on the information the customer inputs. This process is not manual and we do not make any adjustments before shipping unless it is per request or recommended by USPS. Usually USPS will hold undeliverable mail for 30 days, this gives the customer time to attempt to pick up the article or schedule a re-delivery request. Customers are responsible for contacting their respective mail carriers and/or postal office for issues occurring for address errors. If you are unable to locate your package during this time, it will usually be returned to the sender. We are not able to provide any resolution until a package is in our possession. ​ If the package is returned to us, We will inform you of its arrival and update you (using the information provided on file) with the possible resolution(s) going forward. Please note that we do not offer refunds and all shipping fees are non-refundable. We also recommend speaking to your local post office about the suggested address you should use when purchasing online to avoid a future occurrence. If you do not update your address on file and this happens a second time, a resolution will be determined at our own discretion. ​ If an item is returned to us because it was marked as undeliverable, in it's original shipping condition, we may elect to reship this item for an additional shipping and processing fee. Please note that because packages in these conditions are shipped twice, and are kept in the post office for 30 days, we may not be able to reship items especially if they have a shorter shelf life. If a package is refused by the buyer, this is treated as an unauthorized return and the item(s) will be treated as forfeited though we may elect to reship this item for an additional shipping fee + a 25% processing fee if the item is returned in its' original condition. ​ ​
  • Can I use my product other than directed?
    We do not recommend adding anything to our products or using them other than recommended as they are formulated to be at their maximum effectiveness.
  • Do I have to refrigerate the Onion Garlic Pre-Shampoo Treatment? Can I refrigerate other products as well?
    The Onion Garlic Pre-Shampoo Treatment is the only product that has to be refrigerated. All of our liquid spray products and our mouthwash can also be refrigerated to extend their shelf life. This information can be found on the product care maintenance sheet inserted in each order or in the description listed for each product.
  • Do you add any other ingredients than what is listed on the website or label?
    We list all of our ingredients in the description. We manufacture all natural products and do not use artificial colors, preservatives, fragrances or dyes.
  • What is the shelf life of your products?
    The shelf life of our products can be found on the product care maintenance sheet inserted in each order. You can also find this information in the description of each product (this information is the most up to date).
  • Class 1
    We will learn the parts of medicinal herbs traditionally used, the different ways to prepare or preserve them and general guidelines and ratios to follow when using essential oils, tinctures, extracts, teas or decoctions. During Class we will make tinctures or extracts. We will briefly discuss topics such as how to dilute properly, how to dilute for children, essential oils, decoctions, teas, liniments, oxymeli, herbal syrups, solvents (when to use and how effective they are).
  • Class 2
    We will learn about how to identify an herb's medicinal properties from how it looks or where it grows. We will explain colors and tastes, and their connection to the body. We'll also talk about the organs and how herbs affect them. During the class we make a poultice and liniment. Topics discussed include herb colors, tastes, organs and complementary organs, herbal energetics, and plant constituents and properties.
  • Class 3
    Learn what components you need for a recipe, how to put recipes together, and what ratios to follow. We'll look at herbal energetics, aromatics and other terms like adaptogens, demulcents, and expectorants. Some of the discussed topics are the organs (physiology), principal herbs, catalysts and supporting herbs.
  • Class 4
    Let's talk about herbs and some of the benefits that they offer. During this class we will be making herb infused oil and DIY tea bags. Some of the herbs we will be discussing are mullein, hyssop, sandalwood, fennel seed, shatavari, crampbark, motherwort, eucalyptus, dong quai, black cohosh, ginkgo, evening primrose, juniper berry and many more.
  • Class 5
    Let's talk about the benefits of culinary herbs and essential oils. We will briefly look at more specialized conditions like menopause,fertility, pms, irregular cycles and more. During the video we will be making herb infused honey. Some of the herbs we will discuss are wild yam, skullcap, damiana, dan shen, blessed thistle, gotu kola and more.
  • Class 6
    We will be continuing our extended study of common ailments, culinary herbs and other notable herbs (though all herbs are useful). During the vdeo we will be making an extract. We will be discussing laxatives, diabetes. Some herbs that will be dscussed include gentian, senna, buchu, horsetail, fevrfew, meadowsweet and more.
  • Cancellations
    The herb course subscription can be cancelled at any time; access will be granted for the rest of the purchased period. We cannot refund payments for digital services as they are redeemed immediately. If you are not sure if the course is right for you, please email us (above) or purchase a single class first.
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