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Afro Beauty

FAQs: Please read the following to ensure that your question is not already listed!

Please read all of our product descriptions thoroughly, most questions can be answered here and we recommend using this information when determining which products are best for you. Using products other than directed is at the risk of the individual and is not recommended. 

Q: What is the shelf life of your products?

A: The shelf life of our products can be found on the product care maintenance sheet inserted in each order. You can also find this information in the description of each product (this information is the most up to date). 

Q: Can I use my product other than directed? Can I customize the ingredients?

A: We do not recommend adding anything to our products or using them other than recommended as they are formulated to be at their maximum effectiveness.

Q: Do you have to refrigerate the Onion Garlic Treatment? Can I refrigerate another product? 

A: The Onion Garlic Pre-Shampoo Treatment is the only product that has to be refrigerated. All of our liquid spray products and our mouthwash can also be refrigerated to extend their shelf life. This information can be found on the product care maintenance sheet inserted in each order or in the description listed for each product.


Q: Do you add any other ingredients other than what is listed on your website?

A: We list all of our ingredients in the description. We manufacture all natural products and do not use artificial colors, preservatives, fragrances or dyes.


Q: Where can I find information about the shipping and handling time, returns or replacements?

A: This information can be found on the Our Policy page.