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Fresh & Vibrant Meal Plan for The Work Week

Monday, the first day of a work week for many. Let's make a NON BORING salad by adding colors and texture. Pomegranates can be found in most stores this time of year, and it provides a sweet taste and bitter seed crunch that is actually beneficial for the digestion. Add ribbons or thinly sliced carrots, cucumbers, avocados, beets o anything else to make it beautifully decorated. Top with some seeds for an extra punch of fiber and omega 3s. YUM!

Today I want to keep it light but filling at the same time. Is that an oxymoron? Anyways, we're utilizing pomegranates again. The use of the same ingredients makes for a more multi-purpose shopping list. To make, halve avocados then stuff them with goodies like tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and spices like cilantro. A trio made in heaven! To add some more protein you could add some tuna too!

Wednesday, hump day, we've made it to the third of five days. Reward yourself with fresh tomato soup pared with toasted garlic bread. Of course you want to top your soup with more fresh herbs. Instead of butter I like to drizzle a seasoned olive oil and dried herbs on my bread. Absolutely delightful!

Let's add in some spicy coucous. If you can't find any substitute with quinoa. Either way, they will taste delicious with more cilantro or parsley, choose your herbs wisely when you grocery shop the week before unless you are foraging them from the backyard. Add in bell peppers and a few hot ones to the mix. Bonus, whenever I have leftovers, I lightly toast it the next day in a pan. If this isn't filling enough add a side of mashed avocado and a few slices of protein.

The Last day we're going to have possibly our most delicious recipe yet. Steamed broccolini with fresh lemon slices, with juice drizzled on top of course. I love adding in small slices of other brassicas like bok choy or garlic. Next add in medallions of baked chicken (though fish also would work well here), mushroom, onion and fresh garlic of course. This one is sure to smell and taste delicious.

Did you enjoy these recipe ideas? Which one will you be making first! BON APPETIT!


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