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Why Herbal Mouthwash is the ONLY Way to Go!

Before traditional mouthwashes (water, alcohol and artificial color laced mouthwashes) were the norm, how did mankind care for their teeth?

WITH NATURE OF COURSE. So, why did we "fix" what wasn't broken?

Access? Convenience? Whatever the reason, You no longer have to compromise!

Here's What You Should be Using Instead!

Myrrh has historically been used by itself for swollen or spongy gums as well as for canker sores, sore throats and sinus infections. Myrrh is widely considered to be one of the most effective substances for sore gums by herbalists. It is renowned for its astringent and antiseptic properties as well as for promoting healing. (

Sage is known to have antiseptic properties and is said to be able to strengthen the gums and clean the oral cavity and teeth. (

Researchers found that routine intake of Green Tea may also help promote healthy teeth and gums. Researchers observed that for every one cup of green tea consumed per day, there was a decrease in all three indicators f periodontal disease: periodontal pocket depth, clinical attachment of gum tissue, and bleeding of the gum tissue, therefore signifying a lower instance of periodontal disease in those subjects who regularly drank green tea (

Gargling with a mouthwash made with Horsetail tea or its extract may help with the inflamed tonsils, mouth sores and bleeding gums. (

I know what you are thinking, How is using all of this not inconvenient?


Our Premium Crafted Natural Mouthwash (a blend of Sea Salt water infused with Green Tea, Horsetail and Sage, Aloe Vera Juice, Myrrh extract, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Ginger oils) is available for purchase here!

We want you to do more than feel the burn, we want you to SEE the difference!

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